• Question:  How do I know if my house has water leakage?

  • Answer: J&E Exteriors recommends an inspection from a certified EIFS inspector.  See our links page for some recommended inspectors in our area

  • Question:  How expensive is EIFS to repair?

  • Answer:  Like anything else, the cost of repair will depend on the extent of the damage.  J&E Exteriors will work with your EIFS inspector to determine the extent of damage and the cost of needed repairs.  It pays to address any leakage issues early, before the damage becomes severe.  Many repairs, if caught early, can be relatively inexpensive.

  • Question:  Will you need to remove the EIFS/Dryvit to determine if and where the water damage is?

  • Answer:  The EIFS inspector that you choose has the expertise and equipment necessary to determine where water damage exists without damaging your existing EIFS/Dryvit exterior.  The inspectors report is submitted to a contractor such as J&E Exteriors.  We will work from the inspectors report to provide you with a bid for needed repairs.

  • Question:  What is the process to repair the damaged areas?

  • Answer:  J&E will work from the Inspection Report to determine where the needed repairs are to be made.  The area underneath and/or around the water entry points are removed, the sub-structure is replaced if needed, and a new water-managed EIFS system is installed and then blended into the existing structure.  See our Repair page for photos of previous repairs.




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